Beard Grooming

Black Carbon Stainless Steel Beard & Moustache Scissor's


 My Black Carbon Stainless Steel Beard & Moustache Scissor's are very sharp and very high quality. A pair like this will sell for $30-$45   they come in at 5.5" long, Specially made for personal as well as professional use.  

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Handcrafted Peach Wood Beard Comb


 When it comes to combs, we seldom give any attention to detail and use whatever is in sight, in most cases, a plastic one. Yes, they're cheaper and easily available. However, don’t you think you need something better for your beloved hair?


Black Ox & Sandalwood beard Comb 6.25"


 The 6.25" Luxurious Black Ox & Sandalwood  beard comb is made from the finest materials money can buy and the ergonomics of its design make it one of the best. 

BUY NOW  $14

100% Boar Bristle Beard Brush


Handmade Boar Bristle Beard Brush 

(Oval Natural Beech Wood Handle 100% Boar Bristle)

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Dual Sandalwood Beard Comb


 Green Sandalwood is antistatic-  It glides easy through your beard and works through tangles without snagging and tearing while keeping your beard looking it’s best. 


Bad Bastard Flip Comb


 The Bad Bastard flip comb is crafted tenderly out of 100% natural wood that will help to leave your beard and moustache looking great.


The Big Bastard Comb


The Big Bastard Sandalwood Comb

My Comb is a wide tooth design great for De-tangling a med to longer beard, or for wet hair as well. Even works great for the women's or men's long head hair! This anti static wide teeth solid wood comb is made with 100% natural fragrant green sandalwood. Handmade with traditional handicrafts, well polished, smooth and seamless, 7.1" long


Dual Action Boars Brush


The Dual Action Wooden Boars Brush

Boar bristle brushes create healthy, shiny locks, while preventing breakage, damage and split ends. Perfect for men, women and kids. With a mixture of pure boar bristles & nylon pins, this brush is perfect for de-tangling while spreading oils from root to tips. MORE.....

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Handcrafted 7" Beard Comb


Luxurious Handcrafted 7" Wood Beard Comb 

Long or short, curly or straight... it doesn't matter what kind of hair you have, this comb will make your hair soft, shiny, silky and soft. Hair, beards, and mustaches will all benefit from this classically styled, sturdy straight wood comb. 

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100% Black Ox Handle Comb


Black Ox Handle Comb 

Just added to the lineup, hand cut and polished 100% OX horn. about 6" long Each one is slightly different from each other very cool.

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Natural Ox Horn Kent Style Comb


Natural Ox horn Kent Style comb's

About the same size as the traditional Kent comb's we all know and love, but they are made of 100% natural Ox horn. Each one is unique and a little different from each-other like a fingerprint. Very cool indeed. Great addition to you EDC (Every Day Carry)

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Handled Ox Sandalwood Comb



The New Handled Black Ox & Sandalwood comb

It is made from the finest materials money can buy and the ergonomics of its design make it one of the best. With anti-static OX HORN bristles and an exotic sandalwood palm grip, the Luxurious anti-static BEARD COMB has been tested by myself before releasing to the public. 

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Beard Wash & Soap

Conditioning Beard Co-Wash


New Tropical Coconut

Your going to love our gentle beard wash, my bearded brothers. Use 6 days a week for a fresh clean soft beard (Use my pine tar cleansing soap on the 7th day).  For best results be sure to use any of our Luxurious beard oils and beard balms after washing to repair, protect and condition your beard.

BUY NOW  $15

Old Fashion PineTar Soap


Trust me I use this stuff and I am addicted. Use PineTar soap every 6 days unless your a sweaty dirty pig like me use every 3rd day, followed by my conditioning beard Co-wash. Your beard,skin and nose will thank me for it. Join other Pine Tar Soap customers who claim this stuff ends body odor, renews circulation, repels fleas, and even prevents baldness! Its distinct pine tar scent is strong, but the results may be worth the scrub. Try Pine Tar Soap for yourself and see why so many use it.

 4.25oz bar

BUY NOW  $10

The Beard Buster


The Beard Buster Shower Brush  

(Your Beard’s Best Friend in the Shower)

Most people massage their scalp and/or beard using their fingers and sometimes their nails. That’s OK for scalp hair, but not so great for a beard. Fingers are OK but nails are a big no no for a beard.  

 3 main benefits:

  • Encourage  growth
  • Better rinse
  • Beard dandruff killer