The 1912 Bastard (Scent Of The Year 2021) - Beard Oil



“Top notch!!! By far the best on the market!!!”

Richard Y.


“Amazing stuff! This stuff smells just as amazing as the beard and body wash. Definitely makes my face and beard feel nice and clean afterwards, and really enjoyable scent!”

Currin L.


“Tropical Co-Wash I didn't really know what to expect when I went to purchase this item. I am a normal person, not someone selling a product because he got asked to try it out. It smells great, works great and if you don't buy it then it's your own fault.”

Billy D.


“Instantly makes beard feel great, can’t go without it now”

Brian S.


“Has a really unique smell to it (goes great with the beard wash). The container and label are really nice too. Would absolutely recommend it.”

Sean H.