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About Me


Mr. Luxurious

Here at Luxurious Bastards, Im a single owner operator business with a crazy passion for hand making some high quality beard care products that won’t catch your wallet on fire. I use all natural ingredients in my beard oils, beard balms and beard care products, and YES, I smell, mix, and use everything I create. I make it a point to find and use only the finest quality oils and essential oils available. The Luxurious Bastard Co. was created by me “Mr. Luxurious”  in 2017. I truly look forward to creating some affordable luxurious products for all you bastards out there. Can’t wait for all your feedback!!

Hand crafting you bastards the best beard care products your money can buy!

Enjoy Gentlemen!!

David Gaudreau #BeLuxurious

        Luxurious Bastard Co. 

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