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Enjoy Gentlemen!!

David Gaudreau GetLuxurious

Luxurious Bastard Co. 

Best Tobacco Balm!

The beard balm is amazing! The products in the balm are all natural, but the best best is the smell. It feels as if you've walked into a cigar shop. The hint of the tobacco and black pepper is pleasing and compliments one another. Will purchase again !

Oh Wow!

Where do I start?... Well, first and foremost the smell alone blew my mind, literally. I spent an hour smelling this stuff.. I’m addicted.. In all seriousness, every part of this buying experience has been marvelous, but the customer service is what truly stood out to me. Thank you David, keep up the good work!

The Classy Bastard

Great smell and one of my faves for sure. This is a must own in my opinion. 5 star man worthy !

The Holy Bastard

Smells great all day!! Female coworker leaned over the cube wall "what is that smell!?!" Then shoved her face into my beard. She also does that when I make biscuits... So this beard oil is as intoxicating as fresh biscuits from a cast iron pan!! That's saying something!

1912 One Of The Best

Smokey, coffee, Tobacco and a hint of cedar. Man this is a great scent from the scent master Mr. Lux.

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