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Luxurious Lab's Custom Oil Butter & Balm

Welcome to The Luxurious Lab's
Lab will be open for 24hrs (Closing Saturday 10-29-22 6:30PM PST)
This is where you can ask for your own Custom beard Oil Beard Balm Or Beard Butter.... Yup that’s right!! Create your own Flavor. If you want burnt rubber you got it, If you want cheese cake, coming right up, how about some black pepper coffee...send it on over and I will have my team of Luxurious Bastard's on it right away....No really it’s Me......
Please make sure to put your custom request in the notes section when you check out, as well as a phone or email just in case I have any questions. Keep in mind I work on customs in between everything else I do so you can expect (1-2 weeks turnaround time)