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1912 Balm Great Stuff

I have tried a lot of different beard products. But the 1912 balm is outstanding. It has a nice hold and the scent is one of the most unique and enjoyable scents I've ever smelled. 

Newest bastard

Love this 1912 balm, very smooth, good hold and it smells just like the oil(freaking awesome). I will be buying this again. Customer service at

Woody Balm Another Favorite

Mr Luxurious is making very difficult for me to pick which balm to use every morning. I need to start waking up earlier I guess. This is a personal favorite. 

Best Tobacco Balm!

The beard balm is amazing! The products in the balm are all natural, but the best best is the smell. It feels as if you've walked into a cigar shop. The hint of the tobacco and black pepper is pleasing and compliments one another. Will purchase again ! 

My first Luxurious Bastard product!

I have worn a goatee or beard for all of my adult life. As a bald man, it's all I've got! Recently my wife bought me the Tobacconist Beard Balm and even though I wasn't too excited about using a product in my beard, it's smell is so amazing that I figured, "Why Not?" Well it was a good choice! For my wife, it's like an aphrodisiac, lol. She says that my beard is so soft now. For me...its a win, beard smells great and looks more full! Remember the quote, "Happy Wife, Happy Life," ( this helps ;- 

3 Different balms

My lady purchased this at Dynamic Tattoo last year. I have to say this is the best quality balm that I've ever used. With this product I am able to work in rainy weather without "beard blowout". I didn't think I would have my beard back as fast as I did especially after chemo/radiation treatment on my neck and chin area. I just took advantage of the Easter coupon code and bought oil, balm, shampoo,etc... 👍 

Tobacconist Not just for Smokers

First off, Luxurious Bastard Balm has got to be best balm available. With that being said, the tobacconist scent is way more complex than just a tobacco smell. It is so comforting. My wife absolutely loves this scent. Thanks Luxurious Bastard. 

1912 Balm All Around Perfect

Not only is this a great conditioning balm, this is the best smelling balm!! You can tell that quality ingredients are used. And the perfect amount of beeswax for holding my beard, not to soft and not too hard. This is a must have. Thanks again Mr. Luxurious 

Oh Wow!

Where do I start?... Well, first and foremost the smell alone blew my mind, literally. I spent an hour smelling this stuff.. I’m addicted.. In all seriousness, every part of this buying experience has been marvelous, but the customer service is what truly stood out to me. Thank you David, keep up the good work! 

1912 Balm & Oil

David,  I definitely appreciate your old school way of doing business. Top notch customer service, sir!  Well, I received my first order from you and I’m extremely impressed. The 1912 scent is amazing! I used the oil and the balm last night and they kick so much ass! Put me in a great mood to be smelling that good! Keep up the great work! 

Excellent customer service and products!

Ty T


All I have to say is wow. I knew what to expect from the beard oils that I sampled earlier in the week, but I was amazed at the consistency and density of your beard balms. As rich as it is, it breaks down extremely well (and fast!) The scent stays and doesn't overpower. I'm really at a loss for words, Mr. Luxurious. I'm thankful to have come across BeardTube's review of your product line and description of the man behind the business because you have gotten a loyal and happy customer out of it. You've created some truly outstanding stuff. You'll be hearing from me later in the summer when I place my next order.

Holy Shit Man!


I received my oil and balm yesterday.  They are both awesome.  My plan this morning was to go for a motorcycle ride but the weather was pretty bad.  Normally when I ride I don't use my "top shelf" beard oil as I feel it's a waste because my beard spends most of the time wrapped around my head in the wind.  However, since I wasn't sure if it was going to clear up I decided to  use the Luxurious Bastard anyway.  The weather cleared up and I went for ride. Holy shit man!  Even with road grime and a few bugs mixed in, while combing my beard to make myself look more like a presentable human,  I could still smell it.  The scent holds up better than any of the four billion other brands I've tried in the past.  I will definitely be ordering more stuff from you in the future.  Also, thanks for the stickers and if you decide to do a sampler kit please get the word out.  I'd like to try a few of your other scents as well.   You're doing a fine job sir. 

Keep up the good work.

Bryan B

Aged to perfection!

I had received my 1912 Bastard oil and balm today, not exactly knowing what to expect. Only going by high praise from several reviews, figured I’d give it a shot. The first thing that came to mind, upon smelling this oil/balm, was that it smelled old, rustic and just well aged. The leather and cedar wood were most prominent, with hints of tobacco and coffee in the background. I may not have been around in the 1900’s but this does definitely remind me of an antique stores. Very reminiscent of when I was a kid and would go to the flea market with my parents. Thanks a lot, Mr. Luxurious, for the exquisite nostalgia kick.