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Luxurious Bastard Beard Products

Love the 1912 bear balm! Very unique scent, my wife loves it. Also the coconut Co-Wash beard conditioner is very nice. Fast shipping too! Came with a very nice bag and a little surprise I haven’t seen since childhood. First Class. 

The 1912 Oil

Absolutely amazing product. The hold is great and the scent is fantastic. Definitely my favorite balm and oil right now. 

Wow, customer service!

Placed an order for the 1912 bastard oil and balm, within 30 minutes had a thank you email from the owner. He responded to all my questions and helped me every step of the way. It is refreshing to see a business owner who places importance on he customer experience and not just the bottom line. Not only is the 1912 bastard a superb product but the customer service here is top notch. Keep up the good work David. 

This oil is wonderful!

This oil is wonderful! I've had some scents in the past from other places and they about knock you over. I love the smell of a pipe and this gives you just the right amount of that great smell without being over powering. Makes me stronger and smarter. I would say it makes me run faster but a man with a beard runs from nothing. Mr. Luxurious David always sends a personal message thanking you. He is a good guy with a bad ass beard 

The 1912 Bastard Beard Oil And Balm Man! What can I say?

The 1912 Bastard oil and Balm is some great stuff! It really does soften your beard and the smell is a great smoky rustic manly scent. The smell really brings you back to a time when men smoked cigars and wore leather shoes and worked hard with their hands. It reminds me of stories of Billy the Kid days. 1912 will be the first of many to come.. DrYocum 

Back to 1912

This beard oil has become my new favorite. The oils are all quality and the scent is a masterpiece. I can still smell it after 10-12 hours of applying it, but it’s also not overpowering either. Luxurious Dave is a gentleman and a pleasure to do business with. Thanks for this creation. I’d like you to continue creating new fragrances as this one is absolute art. Thanks brother 

1912 oil and balm

I love great smell and the wife loves it too. Great job David thanks again I found my beard product company. 

Awesome oil

These oils are awesome nice and thick and lasts all day one of the best in the business.thanks luxurious bastard will,definitely buy more ... 

Great stuff

Some of the best smelling stuff I've ever put in my beard. 

Spicy Bastard

This one smells like Christmas! The one really likes this one! Burns so good! 

The 1912 Bastard... WOW

I don't do very many reviews cause usually there not worth my time. BUT the 1912 Beard Oil & Balm is definitely worth my time!! The scent is amazing and literally lasted all day. I mean from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm when I went to sleep. And it's not to oily in your beard either, leaving it soft & smooth. And the Balm controls your Beard nicely too. I will ABSOLUTELY be buying it again and trying the other scents as well. 


191 Beard Balm of the best smells out there, great hold and keeps it your beard soft. Excellent job! Time to try another from this company✌ 

The 1912

I have had this bottle for a week now, and it is amazing. Right off the bat, the smell made me think of a cabin in the woods, with my grandfather sitting by a wood fire while he smokes a pipe. The scent is just amazing. My wife loves it. It also makes my beard soft and takes the irritation away. Already ordered the 1912 balm as well. The customer service is great too. Quick to respond with a real message not just some form letter. Very rare, but makes this experience so positive. The prices are reasonable, and after my purchase experience, coupled with the excellent customer service, makes it well worth it.  

The product I’ve been looking for

The Spicy Bastard balm has amazing hold and the scent lasts all day! 

Unlike anything else superbly awesome

This stuff smells amazing the wife really likes it as well,makes your beard so smooth and manageable and lasts all day . Love it and highly recommend it.. thanks will definitely buy from again.. 

The Luxurious Bastard - HolyBastard Oil and Balm

This is the best oils and balm I have purchased! Scent and hold is on point! Dave has done his homework and is putting out an awesome product!! Give him a try!! 

Bad Ass leather bag

Bought this leather bag for a Vet buddy who has to sit and wait alot. Saw this and thought he would enjoy it since he carries several electronics with him where ever he goes. It came today and it is BETTER than the photos. This is a kick ass leather bag. Smells great and feels good in the hand. Its doubled stitched so I know it will take some heavy use and age well. My buddy's voice broke up a bit, but in a manly way, when I gave it to him. Good quality Great price Great smell 

1912 Bastard

with so many beard oils now on the market, it can be quite a task finding the one that suits you best. I've tried quite a few, and I think I have my #1 choice right here. It doesn't leave your beard too oily, but still conditions nicely. I love the blend of oils David uses, it makes my long beard nice and soft, unlike any other conditioner or oils I've tried. I myself and others who get close enough actually love the scent. All in all, I'm loving this beard oil and what it does to my once unruly beard! Highly recommended 191 Bastard. Mr Luxurious David is great with his customer service. Cheers! 

Unique Scents

I really loved all the scents I tried. They smelled great, and kept my beard conditioned throughout the day. Also David, the owner of the company, is extremely responsive, and great to work with. If you are looking for a high quality product, with some great scents, this is it for sure. I will definitely be buying the full size oils, once the samples run out.

Jared F

Holy Bastard, Holy Cow

This is my new fancy beard oil for times when I might be in a church or otherwise. I really enjoy the smell but it is somewhat difficult to describe. It has a sort of incense smell with numerous other layers as well. So far I have worn it for two weddings. 

Mr. Luxurious

 Hey Dave,

I just received the products. I'll admit I haven't tried using the spicy bastard Just yet but I highly see using it tonight for work. I've only been growing my beard for a few months now and trying to find what works for me.  All I can say after smelling and using the 1912 first smell I get a hint of roasted coffee, then a hint of wood, then other scents that my nose can't exactly identify just yet but it will get there.  The balm...Was more solid then I was expecting which to be honest scared me a little at first. But after getting it out and rubbing between my hands to my surprise extremely smooth no lumpy or course feeling at all. After using it then some of the 1912 oil, I can feel the oil work on my skin under my beard feels fresh and hydrated. Does not in any way feel heavy on my beard, does not feel oily on my beard or skin and my beard is soft conditioned and smells great. I'm looking forward to trying this other products such as sweet and holy bastard. Those will come in time. This being said, with the quality of your products, the unique scents, and I have to say your amazing customer service that is in such short supply these days, you have a customer that will continue to purchase, and continue to suggest your products in my area. If the 1912 is this good I can't wait to try the rest of your like our products, I will definitely let you know what I think of the spicy in the near future.

Thanks David C.

A very pleased bastard