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Do Women Like Beards?

Do Women Like Beards?


There have been numerous scientific studies over the years that have proven the majority of women believe men with beards are more attractive, more committed, more trustworthy, and more confident. Examples of these come out of the Journal of Evolutionary Biology and The University of Queensland in Australia. Let’s take a deeper look into each of these categories to see what women like beards. There is one consideration at the end to keep in mind, as we want to be as fair as possible.

More Attractive - The toughest property to quantify would be attractiveness. Each person has their own personal preferences, but there is always an underlying reason behind it. Even when the person does not realize it.  It almost always goes back to evolutionary reasons. Men have grown beards since the beginning of time, and that has not changed today. 

More Committed - It takes commitment to growing a beard, and it takes even more commitment to grow a well maintained beard. Women know this intensely, and can instrincily notice that about a bearded man immediately. The daily grooming practices take commitment and patience, and those are qualities that men really like. It always takes commitment to keep the beard and not resort to shaving it off.

More Trustworthy - There have been other studies over the years proving that women believe men with beards are more trustworthy. “Customers considered men with beards to have greater expertise and therefore were more trustworthy than those with any other facial hair style.” That is a quote out of the Journal of Business Research. They even ran the study through ads on FaceBook and men with beards out performed men without beards by a great margin. The beard variables did not even matter. There was no difference for trustworthiness in terms of beard length, shape, color, or texture. 

More Confident - In these studies women also noted men with beards in pictures to be more confident than men with no beards. This had nothing to do with their walk, body language, or even speaking. Just simply assumed confidence for rocking a beard. It is still considered to be out of the norm in many aspects of society so women associate going against the norm with confidence. We think beards are luxurious, but we will take the confidence too!

Mustache? In all of these studies there is one compromise that was noted… and that was the majority women were not attracted to large mustaches. We hate to even share that, but we want to remain fair and as unbiased as possible. This of course likely goes to the concept of kissing lips and not kissing hair.  I believe the best compromise is keeping a well trimmed and styled mustache so you can meet in the middle ground on this. 

Science is science… grow those beards fellas! We here at Luxurious Bastard would love to help make your process as great as possible. 

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