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How to Apply Beard Balm

How to Apply Beard Balm

How to Apply Beard Balm

The Luxurious Bastard is widely regarded as one of the best beard balms on the market. That does not matter unless you know how to use and apply it to your beard. In this blog we will go over what beard balm is, how much to use,  how to use it, and other considerations.

What is Beard Balm - Beard balm is a beard product that is made up of oil, butter, and wax ingredients. The main purpose is to help your beard with styling and control, while at the same time adding nourishment to the beard. Think of it like a healthy beard hairspray that actually helps your beard feel, look, and smell better. 

How Much to Use - The amount of beard balm that you will use all comes down to the size of your beard. With a bigger beard you will of course use more than a smaller beard. If you have a beard that wraps and forms to your face, you will want to start with the amount the size of a dime. For the medium beards that are six inches or less, try using the size of a nickel. For the larger beards you can start by trying the size of a quarter.  Much of this will come down to personal preference and trial and error. One tip to keep in mind is that it is really easy to add more if you feel like you need it, but it is very difficult to take some off if you feel like you used too much. 

How to Use - The Luxurious Bastard beard balm is a very firm beard balm that is going to offer maximum hold. We believe that is the purpose of balm and have become a go-to for that purpose by many. It can be intimidating to open your first firm beard balm and not know how to get it out of the tin and not know how to use it.  You will want to use the back of your thumbnail to scrape the appropriate amount out, and place that scraped beard balm in your palm.  You can also use something like a guitar pick if you do not want to use your thumb. Another tip is you can lightly heat the beard balm up with a blowdryer to make it easier to work with and get out.  Once the beard balm is in your palm you will want to rub your hands together to melt the product. It will now become an oil-like state. You will then work your hands throughout the beard and focus the balm to the outside of your beard to be able to lock the style in. Finally you will take a beard brush or beard comb to spread the beard balm evenly and finalize your desired style.

Considerations - Please make sure your hands are washed and clean before applying any beard products, but especially with products like beard balm where you will likely stick your fingers in the container. Speaking of washing, you will want to wash your beard the night or morning after wearing a beard balm that has a high wax level. This will give your beard a fresh canvas for the next time you are ready to apply beard oil. The final consideration is we just wanted to tell you that your beard is looking fantastic, and to keep up the good work!

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