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How to Apply Beard Oil

How to Apply Beard Oil

How to Apply Beard Oil

You just received your bottle of Luxurious Bastard beard oil and you are excited! You twist the top off and you are loving the smell.  Now it is time to apply your beard oil, but you aren’t exactly sure how to. This blog is going to give you the very simple steps to applying beard oil so your beard can start to feel, look, and smell its best! We will cover three main topics including how much to use, how to apply, and other considerations.

How Much to Use - The amount of beard oil you will use will come down to two main factors, how big your beard is, and your skin type. Beard oil is primarily for the skin underneath your beard, but it is also for the beard hairs themselves. This would explain why a thicker and longer beard would require more beard oil than a shorter and/or thinner beard.  The dropper top application method we use at Luxurious Bastard makes measuring very quick and simple. A large 6 to 8 inch beard will likely use around a full dropper top. While a short stubble beard will likely use just a few drops.  The other main factor is skin type. If you have dry skin you will likely use a little more oil than average. If you have oily skin you will likely use a little less oil than average. A good test is to run your hand over the front of your beard 30 minutes after applying beard oil and check if your hand is oily. If you have a lot of oil on your hand, you used too much. If your beard feels dry and brittle after 30 minutes, you did not use enough.

How to Apply - Dispense the appropriate amount of beard oil from the dropper top to your palm. Rub your hands together just for a couple of seconds to warm up the oil. Focus on getting the oil to the pads of your fingertips.  Next you will work your fingertips into the skin underneath your beard. This will be done with a gentle massage motion until you cover all of the skin under your beard. After that you will want to rub your hands together again to spread the remaining product throughout the surface of your hand. Run your hands over and throughout the beard hairs. Finally you will use a beard comb or beard brush to spread the beard oil evenly through the beard and skin underneath it.

Considerations - Make sure to apply beard oil to a damp beard. You want your beard to not be dry but also not be dripping wet. This helps the product spread evenly. If there is excess oil remaining on your hands, you can just apply that to any skin on your body. I recommend your elbows or other areas of commonly dry skin. Last but not least… do not forget to twist the top back on your beard oil bottle! We do not want you knocking it over and wasting any of that luxurious nectar.

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