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How to fix a patchy beard

How to fix a patchy beard


Dealing with a Thin or Patchy Beard? Like men, beards come in all shapes, colors and sizes. The truth is some men have a harder time growing beards than others. Good news: a patchy beard doesn’t indicate your manliness or indicate any lack of ability. It’s just nature. The better news? There are some things you can do to help improve your thin or patchy beard and make it a luxurious mane to be proud of.

Grow it out.

Sometimes, what you think is a patchy beard, it really just a beard in its infancy. Since hairs can grow at different times and in different directions, your facial hair needs time to grow. You may discover that your beard fills out in a few months – or, your longer hairs can help camouflage any patchy places. Consider adding our Biotin gummies into the mix!

Keep it trim.

So you’ve tried to grow it out and have discovered you do, in fact, have a patchy beard. No sweat! Plenty of men find themselves in a similar situation. A great option is to go with a shorter facial style or to rock a 3-day stubble, aka the business beard!

Try a new style.

There are plenty of facial hair styles you could wear that would help highlight your strong points and hide the patchiness. Maybe a big A$$ luxurious goatee.

Take care of your beard hair.

A healthy beard is a happy one. Your patchy beard may be suffering from lack of care. Incorporate a beard cleaner, conditioner & oil into your routine to help soften your follicles and improve your overall hair health. Believe it or not, but it could help improve the fullness you’re missing. You can’t go wrong with any of my luxurious creations.

Use a beard brush.

Volume is not just for women’s hair. If you have a good amount of beard and just need to disguise the patchy parts, a beard brush is your go-to tool. Use it to add fullness and volume to your hair in the exact places you need it most.

Focus on your health.

A lot of things can contribute to beard patchiness, like genetics, skin conditions, and overall beard health. Did you know your own physical health can be a factor, too? Make sure to eat a balanced diet and get some exercise in daily to keep your body working as it should. You might be surprised by how much it could improve that luxurious beard of yours.

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