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How to grow a beard

How to grow a beard


Growing a beard can improve your appearance, confidence, and even teach you many lessons. Most men do not grow up with lessons on how to grow a beard though. Here at Luxurious Bastard we would love to help your journey of growing out a beard.  In this blog we will discuss the suggestions of stop shaving, patience, healthy habits, and finding a style that works for you.

Stop Shaving - It sounds obvious, but many struggle with step number one of growing a beard, and that is to stop shaving! Make the conscious decision to grow a beard and even more so grow a purposeful beard. Have you heard the myth that if you keep shaving your beard will come in thicker? Well that is just that, a myth. Shaving does nothing to help the growth, thickness, or health of your beard. The only way to start is by stopping the shaving.

Patience - One trait that is required to grow a beard is patience. Your beard is not going to form overnight, and your goals will take time. You need patience for the growth, patience for the style, and patience overall for the uncontrollable factors. Patience on the days you want to shave. Patience on the bad beard days where you want to trim it down. A beard can teach you patience, if you let it.

Healthy Habits - Most adult men can grow some facial hair by simply not shaving. However here at Luxurious Bastard we feel there is a lot more to growing an actual beard and it all comes down to healthy habits. This is a big category but we will cover some of the most important habits. Overall your internal health will determine a lot of your beard health. The healthier you are, the better your beard will be. You want to make sure you are properly hydrated on a daily basis. You want to do the best you can with diet and exercise. Make sure you are getting all of the nutrients you need through diet or supplements. For the beard itself you want to use high quality beard products and have healthy beard grooming habits. Quality products such as the Luxurious Bastard beard oil, beard balm, beard butter, pine tar soap and many others. For the grooming habits you want a good quality beard comb to exfoliate the skin and spread the product. A beard brush is great for the health of a shorter beard and the styling of all beards. Other healthy habits would include finishing your showers with a beard cold rinse, and avoiding harmful chemicals around your beard.

Beard Style - When it comes to growing a beard an often overlooked step is coming up with a style that works for you. If you do not find a style you like it is going to make growing and keeping a beard very difficult. Consider the cards that are offered to you with your genetics. Play to your facial hair strengths and ultimately go with what you like. You may want to consider your work and life environment because some styles will suit different situations better. 

If you need any further help, please contact us below at Luxurious Bastard. It would be an honor to help on your journey to growing your best beard possible.

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