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How to trim a beard

How to trim a beard


Growing a beard can be a big commitment and investment in many ways, and the thought of trimming it can be a scary one. Here at Luxurious Bastard we want to put your worries to rest and help with some important tips and perspective on trimming your beard. In this blog we will go over beard trim facts, trimming your beard yourself, and beard barber trims.

Beard Trim Facts - The average adult male grows around a half in of beard a month. This is an important fact to consider when trimming your beard and specifically trimming your beard while reaching your goals. If your goal is to grow your beard longer you will want to keep that number in mind. If you trim every three months and you want to grow longer, you will want to make sure you are trimming less than one and a half inches. If you are maintaining a style, of course you can trim more.  Another fact to consider is trimming your beard does not make your beard grow faster. That is a common myth that is shared, but just simply is not true. Your hair grows from the base and you trim from the end. It can help the appearance of thickness greatly, but it is not actually doing anything to the growth of the beard. Final fact, don’t worry… it may be scary but it does not hurt to trim your beard.

Trimming Yourself - A big decision you will have to make for trimming your beard is if you are going to do it yourself or if you will go to a beard barber. Both sides have pros and cons, and you will make the decision for your personal situation. If you are going to trim your beard yourself you will save money and likely get better each time you trim as your confidence grows. You will need to purchase the tools, which would be a beard trimmer, good scissors, and a comb.  Your trim will greatly depend on the goals you have for your beard. If your goal is to grow longer you will want to  focus on the transparency at the bottom of the beard and leave the rest of it alone. If your goal is to maintain, you can trim off the amount of length and body you desire. Grow it back from there, and then repeat the process over and over again. The key to trimming yourself is patience and confidence.

Barber Trim - A barber that has experience with trimming beards has the advantages of perspective and experience. A barber can see and be in angles that you are not able to do by yourself. They also have a vast experience they can draw from and benefit from the confidence that comes with that. With a barber trim you will likely be paying more in the end. If you are someone who likes control, you are giving up that control. There is the risk you are going to get a trim different than what you imagined.  The key to a beard trim with a barber is to be extremely clear and make sure your expectations are understood. One of the best methods is to bring a picture or video example of what you want. Make sure there is no doubt!

Considerations - Trim your beard from the state in which you wear it, with the exception of no solid products like balm or butter. If you use heat to style your beard, make sure you use heat before your trim. This way you will get the look you want when you go to style the next day.  Never get a beard trim on a bad beard day. You want to feel good and trim from the way you really enjoy your beard. Make sure to leave plenty of time so the trim is not rushed and so you have time or days to adjust after. Do not trim the morning of a big event.  Be confident and enjoy the fresh cut!

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