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Protect your Beard from Chlorine and Salt Water

Protect your Beard from Chlorine and Salt Water

Protect your Beard from Chlorine and Salt Water

If you love to swim, go in a hot tub, or just enjoy being in the water, then you know that chlorine is an important part of keeping pools clean and safe for everyone and saltwater makes up a majority of this planet. However, many people don’t realize that chlorine can be damaging to your beard and so can salt water.

Saltwater will dry your beard out. Chlorine can strip your hair of its natural oils and make it dry, brittle, and frizzy. Chlorine is effective at killing bacteria and other contaminants, but it can also cause damage to hair if it is not properly protected. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your hair from chlorine and saltwater damage.

Pretreatment = Make sure your beard is saturated with freshwater. Your beard hairs are porous and have openings that will be filled with any liquid. We want to fill those openings with fresh water and then trap the water with a protective barrier around the outside. Once your beard is saturated, you will want to add a good quality beard oil. A beard oil such as from Luxurious Bastard will do a great job! Comb the beard oil throughout the beard. After that, it is optional to add more layers with beard butter, beard balm, or beard wax. Totally personal preference.

During = Enjoy your time in the saltwater or chlorinated water!

After = As soon as possible you will want to wash your beard. A stripping beard wash is preferred, to really get out of the leftover harmful bits. Something like the pine tar soap from Luxurious Bastard would be perfect! Once you have washed your beard, you will want to follow with a conditioner. After the conditioner, you will want to go about your normal beard routine.

With all of that said, chlorine is much worse for your beard. If you have a choice, go salt water! As long as you follow the steps in this blog, your beard will be fine. Enjoy the occasion that calls for chlorine or saltwater. You do not want to be the person at the party sitting out because of your beard. That beard will still be luxurious and you will have a great time!

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