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Using Heat on Your Beard

Using Heat on Your Beard

Using Heat on Your Beard

Have you ever wished your beard had more volume, texture, direction, or style in general? If so, you’ve probably tried a variety of styling products, such as waxes, balms, and butters. But have you ever thought of using heat to style your beard? Here at Luxurious Bastard, we will even raise you and say our beard feels even better and healthier with heat. We know that sounds wild but hear us out with this blog.

Heat styling is a great way to add texture and volume to your beard. Heat styling is essentially the same process as using a curling iron or straightener on your hair. All you need is a blow dryer with a brush or comb, and/or you can use a beard heated brush. You can use a round brush to create volume, while a wide-toothed comb can help smooth out your beard.

Have you ever felt like your beard feels softer and better after using heat on your beard as compared to days without heat? Yeah, you are not alone! With others’ experiences and even scientific evidence! We have never been a company to just accept something because it’s what everyone says or because it’s what has always been said. We have always heard heat is bad for hair and will damage your beard. My beard feels better and healthier when I use heat as compared to air drying. In my mind, I would take days off heat for health reasons but always felt like my beard felt terrible those days. On top of not looking as good. I have mentioned this before and even just had a conversation with a customer that came into the shop and TONS of guys reach out and say they have felt the same exact way.

We have found a peer-reviewed study that proves this! The study was conducted in South Korea in 2011. It proves using a hairdryer dryer properly causes less damage than drying hair naturally. There are other studies showing damage from heat, but those were not in ideal conditions. The damage always happens with methods that you should not use. This is the only legit study out there for what we do!

How to properly use a hairdryer? Continuous motion, 6 inches away from the hair, medium heat, and medium speed. Make sure the hair is protected with oil first and wait 5 minutes after applying oil before you use heat.

The reason why it is better is because the middle part of your hair is known as the hair cortex. The studies suggest that in prolonged contact with water, the cortex becomes damaged. Far more damage than any surface damage from proper heat use. The cortex damage only happened in the air-dry group of the study. The final note would be when heat is not used properly, it will cause more surface damage than air drying.

You’ll be surprised at the difference heat can make in your overall look. So go ahead and give it a try! Your beard might be more luxurious than ever.

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