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Want to Start Taking Care of Your Beard?

Want to Start Taking Care of Your Beard?

Want to Start Taking Care of Your Beard?

You have a beard or are growing a beard and you want to take care of it for the first time? Well hey, you are in the right spot. Here at Luxurious Bastard will get you taken care of with everything you need to know. In this blog we will go over tools, products, internal health, and patience.

Tools - Most men can grow some kind of beard by simply stopping shaving, but just like any other job having the right tools makes all the difference in the world. The two main tools you want to focus on would be a beard brush and beard comb. The beard brush is going to come in for the health and styling of the beard in the early stages and then will slowly transition to just styling or not used at all. We recommend a good quality natural boar’s bristle brush.  This is going to be used to exfoliate the skin, style the hairs, and spread the product evenly.  The other tool you will need is a beard comb, and that can be used for health and styling from day one all the way until the last day of your beard. The right comb gets through any beard and will do the same exfoliation of the skin, styling of the hairs, and spreading of the product.  With combs you have many great options and it just comes down to personal preference. Some recommendations we have would be carbon fiber, ox horn, and wood.  Just need to find the right size and shape for your beard.  With any of the tools you want to make sure to go easy and let the tool do the work.

Products - Quality beard products are essential for your beard to look its best, feel its best, and smell its best.  The two most important products for any length or shape of beard would be beard wash and beard oil.  Beard wash is going to keep the beard clean so it looks and smells good. It will also clean out the pores so you will have the best growth possible.  Beard oil is so important to nourish the skin under the beard and the beard hairs themselves.  For most men they will never be able to produce enough natural sebum oil to meet the needs of their beard.  We at Luxurious Bastard try to match that and even improve it! Outside of the essentials you have other beneficial products such as beard balm and beard butter.  Beard balm is meant to help style and hold your beard, while at the same time adding some healthy nourishment to the hairs.  Beard butter is all about healthy nourishment for the hairs, while adding a small amount of styling helping.  

Internal Health - Your beard will be an indicator of your internal health.  Outside of tools and products, the best thing you can do for your beard is to take care of your body.  If there is something off on the inside, your beard will feel and show it on the outside.  Your internal hydration is extremely important for your beard. If you are not drinking enough water you will likely see an increase in itchiness, dry skin, dandruff, and overall a dry and brittle beard.  If you improve your diet, your beard health will likely increase.  If you have increased stress, you are likely going to notice more beard hairs shedding.  If you improve your exercise this can help your beard in so many ways!

Patience - You have the roadmap to successfully taking care of your beard now, but none of that matters if you do not have patience. If you shave off your beard or overly trim, you will no longer have a beard. On average a beard will grow a half inch a month. That means if you do not trim and you properly take care of it, you can likely have a 6 inch beard in a year.  Perspective is important there.  Keep your goals in mind and push through the tough times with patience. 

We here at Luxurious Bastard would love to help make your process as great as possible. If you have any questions or need any recommendations, please reach out!

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