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Is Men's Beard Care Necessary?

Is Men's Beard Care Necessary?

Is Men's Beard Care Necessary?

If you read through FaceBook ad comments you would swear beard care products and routines are not needed and you are not a man if you believe in them. Real men with real beards do not need any of that stuff… right? Well, let’s take a deeper look at these claims and give some luxurious perspective. 

Can You Grow a Beard Without Beard Care? - Most men can grow some kind of facial hair by simply stopping shaving. Some men can grow beastly long and large beards without ever using a beard product.There are also men who make the NFL and brag about never working out. These are the exceptions and not the rules. Even if you can grow a beard without any beard care, that doesn’t mean the beard looks good, feels good, or smells good. It also doesn’t mean that the beard is reaching its best potential. It will grow, no doubt about that. We want it to grow the best way possible though!

Can’t I Just Use Head Hair Products? - Head hair products are designed for your scalp and the hair on your head. The environment of your beard is vastly different as compared to your head hair. You have less hairs making up your beard. Those hairs are more coarse and are thicker. You have less sebaceous glands under your beard which means you produce less sebum oil on your face as compared to your head hair. This can be tested by not showering for a week. Your head hair will be a greasy mess and your beard will be a dry and brittle bird’s nest. This difference is massive for the health and enjoyment of your beard. Most men will never produce enough sebum oil naturally to keep their beard healthy and feeling great. Head hair products will not address any of these needs. Head hair products also have a nasty history of being misleading and not having great quality. If you want a fun read just look up “OGX Lawsuit” and you will find an interesting court case about head hair products. Spoiler alert… It is about knowingly using ingredients that were proven to make hair fall out.

What Do Beard Products Actually Do? -  Beard oil and beard wash are the two most important beard products. There are tons of other great products that serve a purpose such as beard butter, beard balm, beard conditioner, and much more. However, to keep your beard clean and healthy, beard oil and beard wash will get the job done. Beard wash is pH balanced and designed for the environment of your facial hair. It is going to get out things from your beard hairs, the pores, and the skin under the beard. This would include sodium from your sweat, dirt from life, anything else that will attach.  This is important because it will help your beard look clean, feel clean, smell better, and overall be healthier. This includes improved beard growth as well. If your beard hair pores are clogged the beard hairs will not grow as fast or as well. Beard oil comes in to prevent things like beard itch and beard dandruff. It also will help your beard feel nourished and hydrated. Beard oil is also really important for the styling and appearance of your beard. And finally beard oil can make your beard smell great!

The difference is real, and it is one of those things you do not know until you know. It is manly to take care of yourself and present yourself in a purposeful way. Here at Luxurious Bastard we would love to show you that difference and help your beard reach its best potential!

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