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What Does Beard Oil Do?

What Does Beard Oil Do?


Beard oil will help nourish and soothe the skin under your beard, and will help soften and style the beard hairs themselves. With those properties come a lot of benefits such as improved beard growth, solving beard itch, defeating beardruff, helping your beard not feel dry, overall just give you the best looking beard possible. A well balanced beard oil carrier blend such as our blend at Luxurious Bastard will achieve all of those things.  If you are like us though, you want to learn more details about what is going on with your beard oil and how it actually works. In this blog we will talk about nourishing the skin, softening the beard, and helping the appearance of your beard.

Nourishing the Skin - A well balanced beard oil will have ingredients that are designed to soothe the skin, nourish the follicle, and even penetrate into layers of the skin.  Beard oil will maintain moisture levels on the skin and make it feel softer. Dry skin is not pleasant and beard oil is able to combat that. This is the same property that helps fight beard itch and beardruff aka beard dandruff. The oil will lock in moisture while at the same penetrating the skin to lubricate the follicle.  That is the area where the hair is exiting the skin, and that can cause discomfort because of the coarse beard hairs. The beard oil makes that process easier with that follicle lubrication. 

Softens the Beard - Many talk about beard oil being for the skin underneath the beard, which is true. However, it is also for the hairs themselves.  With a well balanced blend you will have moisturizing oil ingredients such as Sweet Almond oil and Avocado oil which help soften the hairs. Just like with the skin, these oils will lock in moisture in the hairs. Our beard hairs have all sorts of openings. When you fill those porous hairs with water, you can lock that water in with oil. Oil and water do not mix, which is why that oil is able to keep the oil water locked in. This effect greatly changes the way the hairs feel. If the hair is not sealed with oil, all of the moisture leaves. That leaves the hairs very dry feeling and not desirable.  A beard oil can make that beard feel amazing!

Beard Appearance - The health benefits would be the most important but we love that beard oil makes your beard look amazing as well. The dry bird’s nest appearance does not suit anyone well. Beard oil gives the purposeful appearance to show you care about your grooming and hygiene. The hairs will lay down nicer, appear most full, and have a healthy subtle shine to them.  On top of that your beard will smell amazing! If that isn’t enough for you, using quality products actually help your beard growth reach its top potential.  There is no miracle product, but all of the healthy habits add up to a much more luxurious beard.

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